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Published on: November 23, 2011

Since Deep Dives 2 came out, I had been putting off getting my copy of the e-book until I wanted the book for travel purposes.  I decided I really needed to have it loaded on the kindle and quickly started running into a few roadblocks.

First roadblock was easy to overcome.  That required an email to Manning to get the beta link for the ebooks.  If you purchased through Manning, I’d recommend checking the beta site for any e-book purchases.

The second roadblock was determining which file to use on the kindle.  E-book formats are .mobi, .pdf and another that escapes me right now.  I didn’t see one for kindle.  In my journeys though I learned that mobi is essentially the same format as the azw format used by Amazon for the Kindle.  That is very good to know.

The next roadblock was how to get the file onto the kindle.  Getting it into my PC Kindle was pretty easy.  Find the \Documents\My Kindle Content folder in your user profile directory.  Then copy the mobi file to that directory.  But despite that, syncing did not put that book onto the rest of my kindle apps.  I soon found two ways of getting that done.

The first method for getting those mobi files onto the kindle was to plug my kindle into the usb port and copy the mobi file onto it.  Still, it didn’t sync to the rest of my devices.  Flip side is that it was pretty fast.

The second method for getting those mobi files onto the kindles is to email your kindle email account.  Amazon will eventually make those files available for you.  This will make it so you can sync all of your kindle devices with the same files.  The drawback is that it is considerably slower.

The same process can be done for any of those SQL books you have that you want to port around with you.  Now, the book is updated on several devices for me (laptop, phones, kindle) and I can reference it much faster than lugging the book around everywhere I go.

Try it and enjoy!

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