I have a new tune stuck in my head now.  It got stuck there this afternoon shortly after my computer was forced into a reboot.  I was in the middle of writing a blog post, working on some stored procs and some general queries.  All of the sudden my system is shutting down and I can do nothing to prevent it.

After SSMS closes, my browser closes, the command prompt that is running a chckdsk is forced closed, then the logoff window appears and I see that windows updates are being applied.  SOME OF IT ITCHES!!!!!  Why can’t Microsoft allow us some latitude when running these updates?  I could understand it if the patches were scheduled to be installed and prompted a reboot – I got none of that.  Do I need to have critical updates forcibly applied to my systems so frequently?  And believe me this is occurring much more frequently than the mythological 2nd Tuesday of the month.

In the end I am happy that these updates did not toast my windows install like an update did a few weeks ago.  But I seriously have seen enough of these updates over the past few months and something has got to change.

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