70-450 Study Guide

In my last post concerning my certification journey I said I may post a study guide.  I have thought it over and a sweetened condensed version of some of the topics covered would prove helpful.  Based on the Skills Measured page for the exam, one can determine topics to study and pretty much google for related materials.

So let’s start with the high level of skills measured.

Designing a SQL Server Instance and a Database Solution

Partition Switching

Collecting Data in regards to upgrade prep or installation and base-lining.

Best Practices

Capacity Planning


Designing a Database Server Security Solution


Context Switching

Filestream Storage

SSRS Authentication


Designing a Database Solution for High Availability

Publishing Data

Database Mirroring


Physical Architecture (Replication)

Designing a Backup and Recovery Solution

I won’t cover this topic at all.  This should be a high priority topic for all Database Professionals.  This is one of those areas that is best covered through practice and experience.

Designing a Monitoring Strategy

Correlate Monitoring Data – One should be acquainted with this topic.  I have heard it in interviews.  Furthermore, it really makes you a better DB professional.

Data Collectors


Designing a Strategy to Maintain and Manage Databases


Central Management Server

Resource Governor

Policy Based Management

Designing a Strategy for Data Distribution

SSIS Deployment

Distributed Transactions

SSIS Security

Linking Servers


As I said, this is a condensed version of some of the topics that I studied.  Since these topics map directly back to the measured skills published by Microsoft, they are topics well worth studying.  Whether or not they will be on your exam or not, who knows.  You should also note, that these links pretty much point back to broad-sweeping topics and are not specific in nature.  The one exception being the extra monitoring link I threw in because I feel it is important to know regardless of ability or exam preparation.

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