Breaking Dawn

Finally I have made it through the agony of this series of books.  This one took longer to finally get around to due to the foul taste left by Book 3.  I do have to say that I am mildly surprised by the book and found it considerably more entertaining and worthwhile than the rest of the series combined.

The book ended on a completely happy ending with some sappiness – but that is expected from knowing the rest of the books and story.  This book had a lot less predictability than the prior novels which tells me that the author has learned a thing or two about writing since starting her career.  The end result though was completely predictable and the imprinting was also a no-brainer without any twist.

The story was a lot less sappy – once you got past the honeymoon.  I do wish that a whole lot more was divulged to Charlie about the situation but can conceded the author point of view on it.

I enjoyed this book and find it to be on a much higher par level.  This one was written more for the general public and not just your teeny bopper girl cross-section.

Overall Grade B – worth reading.

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