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Published on: February 7, 2012

We are rapidly closing in on the February meeting for S3OLV.  You might remember reading about the upcoming meeting here.

We are looking to have an excellent meeting this month.  We have had a good run on superb presentations, and Troy aims to keep us going in the right direction.

Troy will be teaching us how to use the Merge statement.  He will help us to learn how this statement can help improve our queries.

We will also continue our ugly code segment.  Bring your ugly code.  Send your ugly code to admin at s3olv dot com.  We are doing this segment in an effort to have the group help each other and learn from each other.  Honestly, it is also an effort to help drive up group interaction.

Here is the information for the meeting.

Date: February 9, 2012

Time: 6:30 PM Pacific

Virtual Meeting Info

Attendee URL: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/UserGroups/join?id=H3ZGRQ&role=attend

Meeting ID:  H3ZGRQ

Physical Meeting Info

M Staff Solutions & Training / 2620 Regatta Drive Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89128

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