Goals 2012

As I have wanted to do each year, here is my goals post for 2012.  Last year I set out to do this very same thing but was very unsuccessful at completing the post.  Here is all I had written:


  • Family
  • Blogging
  • Build out my Virtual Environment


  • SSIS
  • SSRS
  • SSAS
  • Blogging
  • Writing (articles)
  • Community
  • Presentations


  • Certification
  • Books


  • Running
  • Exercise

This year, I will do much better.  As proof of that goal, this post will get published – one way or another.  Despite not having published an actual list of goals, I think I did fairly well with this list.  I wrote a few articles.  I was able to maintain a steady pace with my blog.  I completed my MCITP for both Admin and Dev tracks in 2008.  I became very familiar with SSRS and learned a substantial amount with SSIS.

So, as I set out to establish my goals, I decided to keep the list very short.

Professional Development

I will finish the MCITP for the BI track in 2008.  I plan to have this done by March 2012.

I will study for and take the MCM written and Lab exams for SQL 2008.  I will take more time to achieve this goal but will have it done by year end.

Continue writing.  I will continue to contribute articles for publication as well as write on my blog.  I hope to also do some writing professionally.


I have several rooms in the basement to finish.  I plan on finishing the family room and my office.


I will continue to volunteer at the UG level as well as at the PASS level.  I like volunteering with PASS and helping to achieve the greatness that is PASS Summit.

Despite some setbacks already, I will push forward and get a SQLSaturday event to happen in Las Vegas.

There you have it.  Nothing too elaborate.  I’m trying to keep the goals short and simple without overly complicated detail.  I think this year will be a successful year as well.

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