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Published on: December 15, 2010

This month has been quite the month for change in my family.  The changes that we are experiencing did not end with the birth of our baby girl two weeks ago.  My employment is changing too.  Along with the employment change comes another change – moving back to Utah.

My wife and I feel that it is considerably better for our family to live in Utah closer to extended family.  The schools are better, we have family, and more room to grow.  The added benefit is that my car windows are less likely to be shot out while living in Utah (as has happened to me pulling into my driveway here in Las Vegas).

Since we are moving, and my employer is in Las Vegas, it stands to reason that my job would be changing too.  My employer has been gracious enough to allow me to telecommute part time from Utah (woohoo).  I also am working on filling in the work gaps with some other projects / contracts.  This is a step in the direction of becoming a consultant and running my own business.  All of that actually makes me nervously excited.

Here’s to changes and here’s to Happy Holidays.  Both of these changes are huge gifts for my family.  My children are extremely excited to be able to live closer to cousins and grandparents (not to mention aunts and uncles).

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  1. Joe Crook says:

    Wishing you and your family the best during your new adventure!


  2. David Benoit says:

    Congratulations! I telecommute full time and love it. Not sure about the consulting piece yet but that might be a desire in the future. I will say that working from home has its challenges and needs to be managed like all work relationships but the benefits are huge.


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