S3OLV August Recap

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Published on: August 16, 2010

The SQL Server Society of Las Vegas meeting has come and gone once again.  This meeting is held typically on the second thursday of the month each month.  Once the meeting got under way, it was a very good meeting and people were highly impressed with the meeting.  Getting to the point where a good impression could be made was a different story.

This month was another one of those months where it seemed everything was doomed to go wrong.  Fortunately we were able to mitigate most of the problems.  The first problem we had was that the building resource we use got things fouled up and did not get us on the schedule somehow.  Fortunately, we had somebody there an hour ahead of schedule that was able to secure a room anyway.  The next problem came down to the overhead equipment.  The projector had a burned out bulb.  If the presentation were supposed to an in-person presentation, this would have been a significant issue.  Fortunately we had Grant Fritchey presenting from the east coast via livemeeting.  That worked well because we could just use a couple computers and dial up the livemeeting and still get the presentation.  I had speakers (I had planned on needing them anyway so I could stream the meeting on the overhead through my laptop).  Then we had microphone problems.  I have no real answer for how we got the mic on our end working except that after three tries through the livemeeting audio setup, it finally accepted the microphone and we were able to start interacting.

Grant gave a presentation on reading execution plans.  It was a good presentation and the participants enjoyed it.  I know from feedback of those in the building that they learned a lot and were impressed.  I recorded the livemeeting and am trying to find a location where the file can be placed.  It is too large for my site, and it is too large for the SSSOLV site for upload.  If anybody has some ideas on that, please let me know.

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  1. jonmcrawford says:

    Is it a video file that is editable? Can you break it up into chunks, (and put a nice musical interlude for Intermission)?

    • Jason Brimhall says:

      I have it editable now. I hadn’t considered breaking it up. Maybe winrar it into several pieces would work too.

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