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Published on: March 11, 2010

This evening I had the opportunity to once again give a presentation at our local SQL Uses Group (SSSOLV).  I went into the presentation with the hope of trying to encourage participation and group discussion.

I think the presentation started off a little shaky for a couple of reasons.  I had sent out an email requesting additional info to help prep for the presentation – however, I sent it late which impacted the feedback.  I also didn’t review the PASS Monthly slide deck and sort of shot from the hip going through that stuff.

Despite that, the presentation went well.  I had several people give good feedback.  They liked the presentation!!  Participation really went well and it felt more like a conversation than a presentation – that is a good thing.

Probably the best thing to come from the presentation was the resounding support in favor of trying to get a SQLSaturday down here.  With that info, it looks like I will be starting the process to host a SQLSaturday and organize it from our side.

Another benefit to be derived from this presentation is a growing warmup that has been happening with the group.  Each presentation I have given has improved in group participation.  That would be coming from both sides – I am sure.  Going back to some of my early blogs about participating in the Local User’s Groups, I want to reiterate how good it feels to participate.  I am glad I have had the opportunities to present.

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  1. Dugi says:

    As I can see you have did a presentation in your local SQL User Group so how can I find the slides of your presentation or any recordings etc.

  2. Will Harris says:

    Thanks Jason,

    I enjoyed the presentation a lot, it was fun to have the back and forth conversation instead of a pure presentation followed by Q&A. I remember when I did my first presentation at SSSOLV, it was a lot of fun, too. I encourage everyone to give it a shot, at least once! The hardest thing about presenting is finding something to talk about! My first presentation on replication went really well because I really knew a lot about it, and people were curious. My second presentation (I don’t even remember what it was) wasn’t as thick with info, was really more of an explanation of a feature, and was WAY quick and maybe even a little boring, with no questions afterwards. Finding those interesting and bite sized topics is the tough part, I think!

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