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Published on: February 16, 2010

This is a book that was published posthumously.  Michael Crichton wrote this novel and left it “finished” in his attic.  I picked it up thinking it might be a good read.  Having read it now, I think I know why Crichton left it unpublished.

The book reads, to me, more like a directors narrative of a screenplay.  It is disjointed in how the events are described and inadequate attention seems to have been given to describing the scenes.  The action was little and far between.  It took twenty chapters for this book to start picking up pace and then it quickly lost it for another five chapters or so.

Crichton did seem to do a nice job of blending fantasy with what could have been historical events.  I don’t buy into the Kraken, but at least it gave a little action to a dragging spot in the book.  The book had half a dozen climaxes in the story that were supposed to build to the final climax.  Unfortunately, it dropped dead.

The book reads very predictably until the final act.  I must say I did not expect Hunter to be imprisoned – but could have figured on it.

I can’t really say much more about the book than it would be a better movie than it was a book.  I only finished reading the book due to having started it and wanted to have read the whole thing to give it a fair shake in the review.

Grade C-

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