Audit Domain Group and User Permissions

No matter how simple the task or how versed we are with doing a security audit, it seems like we can always stand to learn just a little bit more. No matter how many times we hand an audit report over to the auditor, there is always “just one” more report we have to provide.

What’s that SSIS Password

From time to time it is necessary to find a way into an SSIS package that is password protected. This article will help you find your way in to be able to support the package in the event of emergency.

Drop That Schema

An often under utilized or maybe even mis-utilized feature of SQL Server is a database object schema. In the event of the latter, there is an occasional requirement for change.

SQL Server Fixed Role Permissions

It is very important to understand who has what level of access within the server and databases on that server. Sometimes we see users being granted server or database access through the fixed roles available in SQL Server. How exactly do you know what permissions those individuals have via role membership? This article will help to reveal the permissions granted to the various roles and maybe a gotcha or two.

SQL Server Permissions – Database Roles

A fundamental component of SQL Server is the security layer. This article covers three common security misconfigurations in SQL Server.

Login from an Untrusted Domain – Back to Basics

Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.

BIT9 PathNames

We live in a day and age when security (data, network, server, etc) is seemingly at the forefront of the daily news.

SQL Server Principals – Back to Basics

A fundamental component of SQL Server is the security layer. A principle player in security in SQL Server comes via principals.

Security as a Fleeting Thought

Today we have another installment in what is known as TSQL Tuesday.  This month we have an invitation and topic given to us by the infamous Kenneth Fisher ( blog | twitter). Today, the invitation […]

T-SQL Tuesday #58 – Security Phrases

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