Cannot Open Backup Device

When running into error 1326, it makes plenty of sense to try to create a backup dump device (only as a testing exercise) as well as test the connectivity to the UNC path from the local server instead of a remote server.

Parse Dynamics AX Context Info

In this article I will only be discussing the AX product and an easy tweak to make troubleshooting that product much easier from the perspective of the database administrator. This tweak is to enable the context info from within the administration console.

User Contains Invalid Characters – Back to Basics

While creating database users, it is possible to encounter an invalid character error message. This article will help clarify the error message.

What Agent Job is Running – Back to Basics

It is quite common to be required to investigate performance issues on the server. With this, it is occasionally necessary to be able to interpret an obfuscated job name. Learn how to do that in this article.

Database Backups – Back to Basics

In this article, we will explore database backups. More specifically, how do you truly know if you have a successful backup? Here’s a hint: it has to deal with restores.

Last Restore of a Database – Back to Basics

In this article I explore the basics around how to determine when a database was last restored.