Failed to Create the Audit File

One day while checking things for clients, I happened across a fun little error message – “SQL Server Audit failed to create the audit file”. It just so happens that the audit had been working and then suddenly stopped and started flooding the error logs with this message.

Why would it suddenly stop working? Well, it says in the error that the disk might be full or that there may be a permissions issue. So, at least there are some possibilities provided by the message. Granted – neither of these options is very settling for a DBA. 

An Introduction to Templates

Templates are a powerful tool in so many trades and crafts. From decals and stickers all the way up to the largest cruise ships in the world, templates can be found everywhere in just about everything that do.

In SQL Server, templates are readily available for your use in so many different ways that I am sure we are unaware of most of them.

Audit Domain Group and User Permissions

No matter how simple the task or how versed we are with doing a security audit, it seems like we can always stand to learn just a little bit more. No matter how many times we hand an audit report over to the auditor, there is always “just one” more report we have to provide.

Correlate Trace and XE Events

Several years back, when Extended Events was brand new, it was downright painful to try and convert the classic Profiler or Server Side trace to something meaningful and useful within Extended Events.

Message in a Bottle of XE

Considering this “feature” for everything that is SQL Server related, does this mean that all Extended Events related messages are accessible in sys.messages?

12 Days Of Christmas and SQL

In the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas and Giving, I have a 12 Day series that I generally try to do each Holiday Season. The series will generally begin on Christmas day

Best New(ish) SSMS Feature

Enabling the scrollbar map has saved me oodles of time – even without the preview option enabled. I can much more quickly hop to different segments of code with this feature than I could if trying to scroll up and down trying to find that one little section I need.

Extended Events Permissions

Some view the permissions for Extended Events as a limitation. I see the required permissions as an appropriate set and recommend all to work with XE and permissions to provide higher efficiency to their environment.

An Identity Crisis: Is it Profiler or is it Extended Events?

Despite it being new, it seems there are a handful of “facts” already published about it that may or may not be accurate. Due to that, I want to play a little game of fact or fiction with it in this article.

Capture Index Maintenance Operations

If an application vendor has something built into their code to perform index maintenance, unbeknownst to you, that is a near-worst case scenario.