SQL Agent Job Schedules

SQL Agent job schedules should be easy to read for humans if for nothing else than the fact that you have to provide this information to the auditors from time to time.

Extended Events – Better than Profiler

Extended Events were introduced in SQL Server 2008. With SQL 2014, we have seen a significant upgrade to this feature. Join me for a little adventure into the realm of extended events.

Bare Naked Skinny on SQL Server

Ever feel like there are just too many layers with SQL Server? You peel off a layer and behold there is yet another layer. SQL Server is rather complex. The complexities can be rather frustrating from time to time.

Monitoring SQL Server with Extended Events

Every good enterprising DBA has the prime directive of monitoring the SQL Servers under his/her jurisdiction. The last thing a DBA wants to hear is that there is a problem with a database under his/her purview from an end-user.

Index Cannot Be Reorganized…

Working diligently as any good DBA might, you have established maintenance routines for each of the SQL Servers under your purview. Then a small problem occurs: Index Cannot Be Reorganized…

The Virginia Tour 2016

Three days of presentations in Richmond Virginia. From Naked SQL to Wheel of Doom – there is a wide breadth of knowledge to be shared.

SQL Server Locks – Back to Basics

A fundamental component of SQL Server is locking and locks. The locking mechanism helps to control access to resources to help maintain data integrity.