Carolina Whistle Stops

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Published on: October 10, 2013

The SQL Crazy train continues chugging along this month.  The next two whistle stops are back to back in the Carolinas.

The first stop is coming up in just a few short hours.  I will be stopping in for SQL Saturday in Charleston South Carolina.  I have been selected to present on the topic of Compression.



The lineup is pretty rock solid for this event.  And nothing like extending a bit of training to encompass the SQL Saturday events if it just so happens you had intended to be in town for the next whistle stop – Summit 13.  I’ll talk about that in a bit.

There are a lot of speakers for this single day event that I would really like to see.  Looking at the schedule, I don’t know how I am going to pick which session to attend.  Every single time slot has at least two sessions that I would like to attend.  There are only 3 tracks!  At least this will give me practice in selecting which sessions to attend for Summit.

The next whistle stop is in Charlotte North Carolina.  Charlotte is the home of PASS Summit 2013.



Even better is that this year, the summit really does have a train – of sorts.

(Image is a link to the actual source at SQL Sentry – the sponsors of the trolley.)

SQL Sentry has been kind enough to sponsor the SQL Sentry Shuttle to help Summit attendees get around and see some of Charlotte while in town.  You can read all about it here.

Yeah – I will be boarding that train/trolley.

I have a busy schedule coming up at Summit 2013.  But, I am looking forward to meeting people and talking about whatever may come up.

Will you be at any of these whistle stops?  If see, say Hi.

Coast to Coast with SQL Saturday

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Published on: October 10, 2013

Last month I blogged about the SQL Crazy train making a whistle stop in Providence Rhode Island.  A couple of weeks prior to that, you may have read this article about the Salt Lake City event.

What you have not seen is a recap of either of those two events.  I just want to give a quick bit of feedback on both events at this time.



The SLC event was held at the Adobe building down south in Utah county – just outside of Salt Lake City.  We’ll let it slide that it wasn’t even in the same county as the event name.

Overall, the event was good.  A lot of people attended.  The food was good (catered BBQ and Pizza as reserve in case there wasn’t enough BBQ).  The speakers were good, the facilities were mostly good, and the topics presented were good.

Above all of the good of the event comes the great stuff.  I particularly enjoyed the opportunity I had to chat with people like Kevin Boles and Argenis Fernandez.  I also had the great time to mingle with people like Andre Dubois, Keith Tate, Aaron Cutshall, Jason Kassay and Reeves Smith.

I had met each of these people at one event or another and I had time to chat with them all over again.  It is always nice to reconnect with other community volunteers.

If you ever have the chance to attend the session about SysInternals Tools by Argenis, then DO IT!  I particularly enjoyed that session.



Much like SQL Saturday in Salt Lake City, I enjoyed the Providence event.  I found myself bailing on some of the sessions more in Providence than in SLC so I could tech talk.

I really enjoyed pulling off to a quiet corner to answer tech questions and to try and help resolve problems.  The questions were in part about my presentations, and in part had nothing to do with anything that I presented.

One thing that I thought worked rather well was the scheduling of my second session.  The session preceding mine was about a framework for SSIS.  My session was essentially about a framework for SSRS.

I left both of my sessions feeling that both audiences during my sessions were engaged.  When I present, I monitor the group to try and determine if they are engaged and it seemed like the attendees were there and wanting more.

After the event, the speakers and volunteers gathered for a social evening at a local restaurant.  I thought that the concept worked out really well.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first with the layout.  I am happy to admit that the skepticism was squashed promptly.  The chance to meet with the volunteers and other speakers in a more informal gathering was ideal.  I enjoyed it even more than a formal dinner – in this particular occasion.  It is this kind of informal get together for speakers and volunteers to mix and socialize that I would be interested in seeing more frequently at SQL Saturdays.

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