TSQL2sDay150x150This month we probably have the easiest topic I have ever seen for a TSQL Tuesday blog party.  That isn’t a slight, but rather is something of a good thing.

This is a very hectic time of year in the SQL Community.  Add the usual stresses of work, family and life – few people have a lot of free time.

It just so happens, that to start this month, I am trying once again to get back on the ball and blog more consistently.

Kendall Van Dyke (blog | twitter) has accepted the challenge of hosting the blog party this month.  You can read his invitation here.

The topic chosen is all about the SWAG.  This particular SWAG is the kind of freebies you might get from various SQL Activities.  This is not the SWAG that is associated with a Guess.

There are a lot of SWAG items that I have liked over the years.  I have received Bucky Balls, stuffed animals (from Horton), stuffed Cats (from SQLCat), usb drives, and even a Lava Lamp or two. The interesting thing about some of these things is that SQLCAT has been rebranded  (so probably no more plush SQL Cats) and Bucky Balls is extinct due to a ban on sales by the CPSC.

I am not surprised by the extinction of Bucky Balls.  That was one of the best geek SWAG items I ever got.  But I had to lock mine up (and not just in my office) due to a certain child decided to find them (in my office) and swallow a few.  It just so happens to be the same child that sneezed an almond into her nose.  And yes, we did successfully retrieve all of the Bucky Balls (four swallowed).

But none of that SWAG compares to the IPAD that I won.  Of course, the children would say that it is their IPAD.  At this point it serves a great purpose in trying to keep the children somewhat calm.




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