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I was asked a few months ago to allow some advertising on my blog.  I hadn’t given the idea a whole lot of thought but was reminded again today about the request.  For now, I think I will just give the requester a mention and add the tool he wants advertised to the growing list of tools that I have been compiling.

The tool looks like it has some merit and seems like it would be worth the trial.  The tool is called DBDefence.  You can find more about it here.  The purpose of this tool is to help encrypt your databases – outside of the databases and prevent people from prying too far into what they shouldn’t.  I haven’t yet tested the tool – but it seems quite interesting.

And since I have a captive audience already, I will add one more tool to the mix.  Like DBDefence, this other tool is security focused.  In SQL Server there is a bug that allows the savvy to view the unencrypted password of the SQL accounts that have logged in since last service start.  One of the passwords that falls into this category is that of the sa account.  Sentrigo has a tool that will clear that password from memory so it can no longer be viewed in clear text.  The name of the tool is Passwordizer.  You can check it out from here.

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