Table Hierarchy updated

Recently a need resurfaced to explore the foreign key tree (hierarchy/genealogy) as it related to a specific table within a database.  As I pulled out the script from the repository, I realized there was some unfinished work to be done.  But there was also some polish that needed to be added.  This is an update to the most recent posting of that script.  You can see several revisions in the series at this link or the group here.

Some of the changes involve formatting and and labeling.  I added a new column called “Direction” to help understand the relationship of the key to the table in question.  I also changed up the FKGenealogy (formerly called SortCol) to reflect the source table more accurately in the case when the key comes from an ancestor rather than a descendant.  The Level of the FK was also modified to help understand a little better how far away the ancestor was in relationship to the origin table.

A final adjustment also comes from the Genealogy attribute.  Ancestors were all starting at the wrong point in the lineage.  I adjusted that so the lineage can be seen from the point in the tree that the ancestor is related rather than as a root direct from the origin table.

All in all, this script should make more sense to the user than the previous versions.

[codesyntax lang="tsql"]


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