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Published on: December 6, 2011

We are now only two days away from the biggest event of the week!!


More accurately though, it is the BIGGEST event for the Las Vegas chapter of PASS between 6:30Pm and 8:30PM Pacific.

The event is our Monthly meeting.  And this month we have a pretty good topic – SSRS.

Have a look at the S3OLV website, or my blog post to find out more about this excellent event.


What if you are not able to physically join us?

For this express purpose we are trying to make our meetings more available to the masses.  Every meeting can also be attended virtually.  You can find the LiveMeeting information from the linked blog post.  Please attend and show your support.

We have the presentation on tap, plus we have the “Ugly Code” segment that we will be trying.  In addition, we also have a need to get the ball rolling for SQLSaturday in Las Vegas (yay – more free training and networking).

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