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Published on: May 10, 2011

As a part of my careers goals, I am trying to remain involved in the community through various engagements and events.  Recently, I was able to present to the South Africa Johannesburg group as a part of SQL Saturday 83.  I posted an announcement on that opportunity here.

I wanted to briefly cover my experience with that presentation.  I was quite pleased with the presentation and know that I could have done better with it.  That is where practice comes into play with each presentation.  One area of concern was trying to invoke group participation.  The group in JHB participated quite well – considerably better than the last time I presented this particular presentation.  I don’t think the book giveaways had much to do with it since I didn’t even mention that.  Also, they were participating well before we did the first book question.  I might have been a bit punchy during the preso – lack of sleep and sinus meds might have contributed.

I would like to thank everybody in JHB for a great job.  It was nice having a panorama camera available so I could see the group too.  That was very helpful.  I have not heard back yet if the recording is going to be made publicly available.  If so, I will pass it along so more of you can poke fun at me. ;)

This week, I will be giving that very same presentation to the DBA Virtual Chapter.  That presentation will be Wednesday May 11, 2011 at 12PM Mountain Time.  Since this is a virtual chapter, that means the presentation will be done via livemeeting.  If you are interested, you can register and attend the meeting via these links.



I hope to see a few people on for this presentation.  It is a low-level kind of presentation and is aimed at creating useful documentation with sql scripts (thus helping reduce cost).

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