Sharepoint Diagnostics and XE

In this article I have introduced you to a quick session setup that comes from using the SPDiag tool that could plausibly be useful in the troubleshooting of various different problems (most probably performance related) with Sharepoint.

Dynamics AX Event Session

There are many many uses for Extended Events. In this article I show a quick session setup that can be useful in the troubleshooting of various different problems (most probably performance related) with Dynamics AX.

Correlate SQL Trace and Actions

In the world of profiler and SQL Trace, these actions were an actual part of the payload for the Trace event. In XE, these actions are more like add-ons. I go into further depth about what an action in XE is – here. I recommend reading that article. Due to that, I won’t be diving into great detail here about what an Action is.

An Introduction to Templates

Templates are a powerful tool in so many trades and crafts. From decals and stickers all the way up to the largest cruise ships in the world, templates can be found everywhere in just about everything that do.

In SQL Server, templates are readily available for your use in so many different ways that I am sure we are unaware of most of them.

Correlate Trace and XE Events

Several years back, when Extended Events was brand new, it was downright painful to try and convert the classic Profiler or Server Side trace to something meaningful and useful within Extended Events.

Message in a Bottle of XE

Considering this “feature” for everything that is SQL Server related, does this mean that all Extended Events related messages are accessible in sys.messages?

Extended Events Permissions

Some view the permissions for Extended Events as a limitation. I see the required permissions as an appropriate set and recommend all to work with XE and permissions to provide higher efficiency to their environment.

Capture Index Maintenance Operations

If an application vendor has something built into their code to perform index maintenance, unbeknownst to you, that is a near-worst case scenario.