Las Vegas February 2013 UG

I know it is right in the middle of TSQL2SDAY when this post is to go live.  If you don’t know what that is, you should go check out this months edition here.  The topic […]

Fast Starts

We are barely under way with the New Year and it is shaping up to be a busier year already.  Not quite as busy as has been published by the folks at Confio – but […]

Most Interesting People…

Here are the most interesting people I met at PASS Summit 2012   Mickey Stuewe (sqlmickey) Neil Hambly (neil_hambly) Bob Hovious Gail Shaw (sqlinthewild) Ed Watson (SQLGator)           This is the […]

T-SQL Tuesday #36 SQL Community

Community – What is it? Community is something that is improperly defined with words alone.  Community is best defined through first person experience.  Community is a feeling and a sense more than it is a […]

SQLSat153 Recap

You may not know that this past Saturday ( October 20, 2012) was SQLSaturday 153 in Salt Lake City.  If you knew about it, awesome.  If you attended – even better.  You probably don’t know […]

Lions and Tigers and Bears…

Last Thursday I found myself on a journey of sorts.  There weren’t any lions or tigers or bears, but there were plenty of “Oh My”‘s. It all began on a dark and gloomy night.  Well, […]

Meme15 Twitter

Twitter and Your Career With the new blog party on the block, we have Jason Strate (blog | twitter) asking us this month these two questions: Why should average Jane or Joe professional consider using […]

S3OLV update and Reminder

We are now just a few days away from our first meeting of 2012.  We have some good content lined up.  Check it out here. I am looking forward to the presentation on XML and […]