Dedicated Administrator Connection

Recently you may have read my article about some hidden functions in SQL Server.  In that article you learned that those functions were in some DMOs and that you could get at them through the […]

Haunting a Database Near You

Today, we have a special Halloween edition.  For me, Halloween and computer geek go quite well together.  And thinking about it, I wanted to try to better understand if there was a correlation.  As a […]

Precision and Scale

As is the case with many of my topics of late, I came across this one by helping somebody else.  In SQL, we should be well aware of Precision and Scale of certain datatypes. The […]

Send DBMail

With SQL Server 2005, Microsoft improved the methods available for DBAs to send email from SQL Server.  The new method is called Database Mail.  If you want to send emails programmatically, you can now use […]