SQL Server Haunt 2017

The undead of Halloween are now upon us. Among the hordes of data zombies roaming the streets in lab-coats and fishnet stockings, few of us are still scrambling to remove the hexes we have looming over our data.

Alter Event Session

Altering an Extended Event session is not necessarily a difficult task, but it is a very useful ability. Having this basic skill in your wheelhouse can be very positive and useful for you!

Waiting, is it a Bad Thing?

One of the more useful troubleshooting tools (granted when used properly and not with a knee jerk approach) is waits. There are waits in SQL Server that are very specific to Extended Events.

A day in the Stream

Explore the little function called sys.fn_MSxe_read_event_stream and discover just a little bit more of what Extended Events may be doing behind the scenes with the live data viewer.

Hidden GUI Gems

I have a few gems that are available to you in the GUI. These gems should help solidify your understanding of the tools available through the GUI to help work with Extended Events

Filtering Logged Data

Explore how to customize the view of the GUI for working with XEvent Log files or XEL files. This further customization does include working with filters.

Customize the XEvent Log Display

Explore how to configure the XEvents GUI with specific views to suit your needs and tastes for data display by adding, removing or changing the column orders.

Log Files from Different Sources

While working with Extended Events, or with any sort of logging or tracing utility, it becomes critical to consume the data from disparate sources or even to consume the data from a source server on a different server.

Tricks and Treats with XE

With the proximity to Halloween, it’s not hard (knowing me) to figure out why I originally decided to terminate this series on the Eve of Halloween day. Join me as I share some treats and a trick to use with Extended Events.

Ghosts – an eXtrasensory Experience

Really, at this point what is there that hasn’t been done about the ghosts? ¬†Well, if you are well tuned to these apparitions, you may have received the urge to explore them with Extended Events – sometimes called XE for short.