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Published on: September 3, 2013

Wow, more than two weeks past SQL Saturday in Curacao and I find a partially written wrap up post for Curacao in my queue.  I had fully intended on getting this out much sooner than this.

My apologies to those interested parties for the huge delay.

Curacao offered an excellent opportunity (like SQL Cruise) to combine two things for me – SQL and Beach/Relaxation time.

One of the first things you will notice if you attend SQL Saturday in Curacao is the beach and the serenity at oceanside.

Beach Time


It didn’t take too long for Karla Landrum to ask about any lizard sightings.  Karla was back home in Florida getting ready for SQL Saturday in NY.  As one could imagine, it was necessary to help remind her of the lizards and particularly of Iguana soup.

Iguana Sighting

This particular guy was a little nervous and no intention of letting me teach him anything about SQL Server let alone have him over for lunch.

On the flip-side though, this little guy felt it necessary to invite himself to my table for lunch.

Sharing Lunch


Curacao has some wonderful dutch influenced scenery.  I only had a brief opportunity to take any of that in.  But there is this floating bridge with a market that could be of interest if you make it down next year for SQL Saturday.


20130817_085049 20130817_085241


With the sight-seeing out of the way, it was time to lay down some serious SQL education.

We had some really good presentations by Bill Pearson, Rohan, Roy Ernest, Ignacio Salom and myself.  Rohan and Roy also help run the local user group in Curacao.

I had the distinct opportunity and pleasure to conclude the training with two sessions.  Instead of doing two separate sessions though, we did a really long session on “Murder they Wrote”.  The session is designed to discuss the top 10 methods to really kill your database.  We had a fantastic time and the attendees were really engaged.  I truly hope that it was as much fun for them as it was for me.  I also hope that it was the educational experience they desired (I tend to think it was).

We capped the event off with some speaker gifts and a group photo.

20130817_202352 20130817_163629


Then it was off to visit with some of the attendees as we wound down the day and trip.  The last pictures I took in Curacao are totally fitting in this spot.  We see the sun setting on the island, just the same as it was setting on the short trip to the Caribbean.

20130817_185254 20130817_185211


Mind you, all of these photos were taken with a phone and not a camera.  The quality isn’t the best, but you get the picture.

I enjoyed the time in Curacao.  I enjoyed the opportunity to spread some SQL Learning.  I enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends.  These are some of the things that SQL Saturdays are for me.

Last picture was through the plane looking down into the Caribbean waters.  Those are some really clear waters with great colors.


I hope to see you at a SQLSaturday soon!! I happen to know of two in the near future that I will be presenting and attending (Salt Lake City and Providence), hope to see you there.

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