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Published on: May 18, 2012

Wow – have I ever been dark and silent this past couple of months.  Nothing like the present to reverse that trend.  I do have a good excuse for why I haven’t posted many blogs for the past month or so.  That is a good reason to get my queue going again with articles to publish on future dates (not just sit in my queue).

Anyway, I have ventured clear across country for a pretty big event.

   No, the Celtics are out of town this week.

             No, the Red Sox have been out of town too.

           Nope, not really for the Patriots either.


No, I came across the country to participate in SQL Saturday!!

I have the distinct pleasure of presenting to SQL Saturday 142 on the topic of Table Compression.  I am hoping the presentation meets my expectations and is of great worth to the attendees.

I had the opportunity to give this presentation to the Salt Lake Users Group on Monday.  I felt the presentation was short of my expectations.  The feedback was good and people liked it.  My concern is that I want the presentation to flow better and it needs to be a little more technical.

In this presentation, we will get to see some undocumented commands (but are really documented now).  We will also explore how some of this works in SQL 2012.

If you are in the area – I hope to see you.

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