Meme Monday January 2012

Meme Monday was pushed back this month to the second Monday of the month.  That is a good thing or maybe a bad thing or maybe a non-discussion at all.  I guess it really depends on the person.  For me, I would have been rushing the post so I am fine with.  Oh wait, I sit here on the first Monday writing my post anyway.

Tom LaRock has asked us to write about what we plan to do for #sqlfamily in 2012.  I am somewhat prepared for this topic already.  I had been giving it some thought over the past couple of weeks.  I was even thinking of incorporating some of that into my Goals post for 2012 (assuming I get it done this year).

So, without further ado and without going to great detail, here is what I had been planning for the upcoming year and to describe in greater detail in my goals post.

1.  More SSRS and SSIS blog posts.  It seems that these have been somewhat popular in the past.  In addition, I have several posts lined up that I have been planning to write.  Some will be multi-part series, and others just a single post series.

2.  Present at least once per quarter throughout 2012.  I think this is attainable and I hope to add a few presentations to the bag.

3.  I really want to help organize an event.  This will take a lot more time and be a little more difficult based on event location relative to where I live – but I am hoping to get it done.

4.  I plan on maintaining the other activities such as UG help, forum help, twitter (when I can) help, articles, and blog posts.


That pretty much sums it up for what I hope to do for #sqlfamily in 2012.  What are you planning to do?

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