MCITP: 2 Down 2 to go

It’s time for the weekly update.  Much like last week, we had more issues with taking this exam today.  I scheduled exam 70-433 for first thing in the morning at a “private” test center.  The registration was easy enough.  The process is a bit different since this test center is not listed on the Prometric site.  The staff seemed friendly and helpful.

The problem this time around came down to lack of connectivity to the Prometric server in order to download my exam.  This morning I was there for 35 minutes and then we decided to reschedule.  I was going to reschedule for next week but didn’t reschedule when I left.  I wanted to wait and see.  The center contacted me over an hour later and informed me that they had regained connectivity.  I scheduled to go back in during lunch to take the exam.

This exam was pretty straight forward.  I passed with ample time remaining and only had concerns about a couple of questions.  The concerns were in my knowledge base so I figured I could go home and create some scenarios to try.

Next week, I will be working towards 70-450.

Also, I have been thinking of also pursuing the BI MCITP.  That track will take more study and practice on my part.  But I believe it will be well worth the effort.  Thus, these updates may be changing to represent the additional two exams.

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