DBA VC Presentation May 11

Come one, come all!!  Oh wait, it’s too late now.  I just finished giving my presentation to the DBA VC (virtual chapter).  There was good attendance and there were good questions asked.  My presentation was the very same presentation that I gave for SQLSat83 (sheepishly: I even used the same slidedeck).

The presentation was recorded and I will post the link for that when it becomes available.  There was one goofup on my part.  I went on for about 5 minutes without the shared application having actually switched – D’OH.  My sincerest apologies for that.

During the presentation I made references to a few resources that I felt should be noted somewhere since I didn’t provide the exact resource during the presentation.

  1. Paul Randal myth-a-day concerning heap rebuilds.
  2. Kimberly Tripp’s information on VLFs.
  3. 3rd party tool for documenting a database quickly – called SQLSpec.  (it’s fairly inexpensive)

I really enjoyed giving this presentation and sharing my yet-to-be finished basement with everybody.  I hope to be doing more of these over time.

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