Managing Contacts

This is one of those posts that has little to do with SQL Server and more to do with helping to make life in technology just a bit easier.

I recently changed phones and needed to find a way to transfer my contacts from the Blackberry platform to another platform.  After some research I found a really easy way to do it.  Google has an app called Google Sync.  This can be downloaded and installed on your cell-phone.  Once installed you can then synchronize your contacts and calender from the smart-phone to your gmail account.  This is useful for other reasons as well.

I had not stored all of my contacts on the sim card nor on an additional media card but in the phone memory instead.  Once I had everything sync’d to GMAIL, life became much simpler.  I was able to much more quickly group and organize the contacts as well as edit them.  A word of caution though – do not delete a contact that is duplicated.  The contact may get linked behind the scenes and deleting one of the linked contacts will delete the other if a duplicate is detected.  Instead use the merge option in GMAIL.  Now, I can make changes through GMAIL to a contact and it can be synched to the phone rather rapidly.  NO more need for an additional software on every computer to keep those address books in sync.

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