Extended Events Objects

Today I want to start diving into some of this data a little deeper as we progress some of the of the core concepts surrounding Extended Events.

Extended Events Packages

The first core building block to the data that builds Extended Events is the concept around packages.

XEvent Session Supporting Cast

Beyond the metadata in the the catalog views and DMVs, there are a few more objects that come in handy when dealing with Extended Events. I call these the supporting cast.

Viewing Running XEvent Metadata

Running session metadata, while it can be still be viewed in the catalog views, is exposed via DMVs. Putting it a slightly different way, if I query DMVs that are related to extended events, I will only see metadata for running sessions.

Viewing Deployed XEvent Metadata

When dealing with Extended Events, there are a few ways to take a look some of the metadata. Not all metadata is created equal when dealing with Extended Events. Some of the metadata is pertinent to a running XEvent session and some is pertinent to a deployed session.

Shredding Extended Event Actions

Are you rolling the dice with your love/hate relationship with XML? Tune in to see how you can ease your XML frustration along with increasing your free time to do more important things.

Shredding XML in XEvents

One of the biggest pains with Extended Events is the thing we love to hate – XML. XML is so foreign to many DBAs. It’s not relational and often brings nightmares of parsing and performance issues.

Extended Events Removed from 2016

Extended Events continue to grow and improve – even with the removal of a few events.

Database Settings Changes – Red Handed

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New Extended Events for 2016

As we begin to get a grasp of all that is available with SQL Server 2016 and all of the new features, it is a great idea to see what else has been made available […]