Index Stats Duplication

I came across a recent posting about seeing multiple entries in sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats for the same index.  This kind of behavior can be somewhat concerning since that view should have a unique entry for each index. […]

Stepping Stone Cert II (ssp)

Back on March 30, I wrote about a Stepping Stone Certification that seems to be missing between the MCM and MCITP.  I had planned on keeping regular updates about the topic on my blog and have […]

BLOB Report T-SQL Tuesday #005- Reporting

Checking for BLOBs that were created in the Primary Filegroup by default. To move them was a manual process and is a different topic from the crux of this one. Since the initial report to find the BLOBs, I have evolved it somewhat to try and find the size of each object, as well as to report on the usage related with each.