T-SQL Tuesday #081: Sharpen Something

This month I am asking you to not only write a post but to do a little homework – first. In other words, plan to do something, carry out that plan, and then write about the experience.

You Deserve to be an MVP

When you feel you deserve to be an MVP, are you prepared to do more work? Being an MVP is not just an award – it is a commitment to do more for the community!

Another Query to Help Find the Right Event

Finding the right event or combination of events to monitor may seem like quite a daunting task with so many events to explore and (frequently) too little familiarity with Extended Events.

Extended Event Help Queries

When working with Extended Events, there are times when a little more information is, well, helpful. You know you want to use extended events to try and monitor for a specific thing to happen.

SQL Server CTE – Back to Basics

Of all the fundamental concepts within SQL Server, this one drives me a bit batty from time to time. Think about that statement for just a moment.

SQL Server Desired Enhancements

SQL Server 2016 has come with a ton of cool features, bells, whistles and well cool stuff (yes redundant). That aside, what are some of the really cool features that I would love to see in SQL Server?

Anatomy of Select

TSQL is one of the most valuable tools any SQL Server professional can add to their toolset. More aptly, TSQL is a whole chest of tools for the SQL Server professional. One of the most important tools in that TSQL chest is a good understanding of the SELECT statement.

Profiler vs. Xe Smackdown

Extended Events were introduced in SQL Server 2008. With SQL 2014, we have seen a significant upgrade to this feature. Join me for a little adventure into the realm of extended events.

SQL Server 2016 Just made SQL Server BEEFY-er!

SQL Server 2016 has just been released and your manager is pressing hard to hear from you what this could potentially mean for the business. Is there anything useful in this new release?