T-SQL Tuesday #028 – Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

Another month and another opportunity to write about an interesting topic.  This month hosting TSQL Tuesday is Argenis Fernandez (Blog | Twitter).

This month, Argenis has invited us to talk about demons from our past.  Ok, not necessarily demons but at least share why you might be a Jack of All Trades or a Master of something or nothing.

Thinking about the topic, I thought of some very good stories.

Jack of All Trades

Back in the day, I worked in a one-man IT shop.  On any given day, my duties involved configuring SOHO routers and firewalls as well as higher end Cisco equipment.  I was also responsible for Active Directory, pc maintenance,printer repair, Exchange, domain registrations and all things SQL.

My least favorite duty was that of Janitorial Engineer.  It was amongst my duties to ensure the restrooms were stocked and that the toilets were free-flowing.  I can’t necessarily say that this skill helped advance my career.  I can’t say that it was even helpful at home.

I can say that this duty did help me make the decision to specialize more in SQL Server – though I was already headed in that direction.

Master, erm…

Like Argenis said in the TSQL Tuesday announcement, I don’t much consider myself an expert or master of anything.  I do think I am rather proficient and I do recognize many shortcomings within the vast technology, we love, called SQL Server.

I aligned myself with this technology because of the constant challenge and opportunity to learn.  I enjoy working with SQL Server.  I still do not find as much pleasure in plumbing as I do in SQL Server.

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