Data Head

Well, it’s official.  I am a Data Head.  It doesn’t change too much my level of geekiness.  But I may have to rethink one of the answers given during that interview.

The Data Head profiles are being done by a training company called Data Education.  The company is another of Adam Machanics creations and is based out of Boston.

The people at Data Education contacted me a month or so ago and asked me a few questions.  I thought it was a cool idea and answered the questions and provided them with a profile picture.

There are two other Data Head profiles to this point.

Both of these people are MVPs.  The only Microsoft title I could associate to my name is via my certifications (MCITP and MCDBA for instance).  That brings up one small update to that profile – the fact that I have the MCITP too and not just MCDBA (which as you know is expired).

I put more thought into the question on geekiest thing ever done.  If I could do it, I would totally do this.  Well, at least come up with a way (maybe a remote built into the gloves) to make it appear like I had something beyond the TSQL Force.

Swing by Data Education and check things out – at the very least check out the Data Heads.

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