Summit 2011

Call me a slacker.  I have been postponing registering for Summit 2011.  I wanted to be sure that I had the week available in order to attend.

I finally did it!  I registered for Summit 2011.  I was stoked about it too.  Then I got the schedule for my sons’ cross country season.  I started worrying about missing region championships and had to come back and recheck the schedule.  Then I took another look at the season schedule.  I did this a few times because I didn’t want it to be true.  Region Championships are that very week – (Oct 12).  Now start the major dilemma.  I sure hope he will be running in the championships.

For now, I am registered for the Summit.  Come October, my plans may change relative to my sons performance and whether or not he will be competing at Region.

So, I hope to be seeing many of you at Summit.  If I am not there – you know why.

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