Database Tools Follow-up

After posting a database tools list yesterday, I found that there were things that I had forgotten and a couple of things that i hadn’t even considered.  In thinking about this, I found myself trying to find a script that I knew I had seen and that I wanted to put on the list.

Trying to find the script got me a bit out of sorts.  I knew I could probably find it on my share at work with my scripts (which reminds me that I really need to get a dropbox or put them all on a thumbdrive to keep with me).  But, I wasn’t at work and wanted to locate this cool script that I knew was recommended by another prominent person (more about that later).  So I pulled out my googlefu.

I tried searching the web for this blog that had the script and tried several combinations of the key words I knew would help me find it.  In doing this search, I came across a few blogs that had created a list of tools that database professionals should check out.  Here is a short list of the blogs I found.

All of these lists are great compilations.  I also found one more list, but found that it was just a copy of Aaron’s list.  This was extremely disappointing.  Just reference the list or come up with a list of your own.  A SQL Server MVP should never have to copy content from another MVP.  It’s not even that the list is the same – it was a copy of the entire post by Aaron.  I personally hold MVPs to a higher standard and find it disappointing and aggravating when one is copying content and is esteemed as a person who has contributed much to the community.

None of these lists had what I the item for which I was looking.  The item that I wanted was a script that Brent Ozar (blog) had given high compliments to a few months back.  It was a script that, he said “a script that’s like my Blitz server takeover script, but even more advanced.  Love it!”  Too bad I couldn’t remember the person, script or wording he used when I was trying to find the script.  Better yet, the page with the reference popped up several times in my searches.  Well, needless to say, I pinged the community and Brent on twitter and Brent came through.  Here are a few more items to add to the list of tools you should have or try.

  1. 60 Minute Blitz Script (Brent Ozar) – check it out.  It will be worth your time.  If you looked at the other lists you will also see that this script is there and highly recommended.
  2. Diagnostic Information Queries (Glenn Berry) – this was the script I was trying to find.  This is the script that Brent has given high praise – give it a look.
  3. sp_whoisactive (Adam Mechanic) – Newest version as of this post is 10.76 and is listed as a beta version.
  4. SSMS ToolsPack (Mladen Prajdic)

So there you have it.  Between my two lists and these other great lists – you should have a great toolbox.

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