Goal Review Q1

As we close out the First Quarter of 2010 it is time to review progress made on the Goals I set at the beginning of the year.  So far, I think I am progressing pretty well.  There has been measurable progress.  Thus I will break down each of the goals that were established in that blog post back in January.

Start a Blog

I think this one is pretty self evident at this point.  The blog is started and is active.  I have been able to produce good articles throughout these three months.  The blog is syndicated at SQLServerCentral.com and people at least look at the articles from time to time.  Some even leave comments.

Implement a BI Solution

The solution I planned for this has made progress.  I need to spend more time on the project.  I have been able to reduce the number of errors that I encountered throughout the processing of the package.  Also, as an end result the package performs better and provides more accurate results now.  Some of the errors were logic errors and some were actual errors.  I have a few more phases to implement including an archival piece, reporting piece, and more data retrieval.

1 Technical Blog Post per Week

As far as averages go, I am well ahead of this goal.  I have been able to output at least one technical article per week if going strictly by the calendar without rollforward or rollback of excess articles.  This works well with the first goal since the main premise of my blog is to write from a professional perspective on SQL Server.

Attend 2010 Pass Summit

I have not yet attended the summit, and can’t do that until November.  However, I have registered for the Summit and have every intention of attending this year.

Present Once a Quarter (or 4 times)

In the first quarter I presented twice at the local PASS Users Group.  The first was in January and the second was in March.

Write 2 Articles

I am half-way home with this goal.  The first article was published by SQLServerCentral in March.  It was titled Log Growing Pains.  I am working on topics for the next article.  I should have at least one more article submitted and published by the end of the year and hope to have more than that.

Run Two Marathons

I am sucking really bad at this one so far.  I still have plenty of time to correct and get on track for the year.  I will get back on track.

As for the less measurable goals, I think I am doing fine there as well.  I was assigned as VP to our PASS Users Group, I am on a subcommittee for Summit 2010, and I am actively involved with the community at SQLServerCentral.com.

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  1. Nice job Jason! The best for this quarter is your Blog and articles inside. I wish you success for the second quarter!

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