To DBA or Not to DBA…

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Published on: October 30, 2013

In my day to day operations I have the opportunity to work with people in various capacities in regards to data.  Sometimes it is in the capacity of a mentor, sometimes in the capacity of a consultant, and sometimes just in the capacity of the dude that fixes the problem.

I enjoy working as a database professional.  There may be times when I want to scream or yell or pull out my teeth and hair.  Then there are times when I just bounce off the walls with joy and pleasure.  Some may call that a manic-depressive disorder.  They just don’t understand the true life of a data professional.


In becoming a data professional, I took the long route to get where I am.  I made the decision to work with SQL and learn about SQL 17 years ago.  I made the decision to learn about SQL because I viewed it as a really difficult thing to learn.  I wanted that challenge.  Then again, back then I also enjoyed the challenge of learning to configure Cisco routers.



This has been a short tease on an article to be published on Tuesday November 26, 2013 as a part of a community project.  Please return to read the rest of the article and the articles from the rest of the project at that time.

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  • @_dave705: @SqlrUs Sure, also the requirement is to update the existing rows once the import starts. #sqlhelp the are 4 different csv files to import.
  • @SqlrUs: @_dave705 BCP is an option, again depends on the requirements. I would test thoroughly first before deploying to Production. #sqlhelp
  • @__mandrew__: @SqlrUs @_dave705 I agree SSIS with a foreach loop is probably your best solution. PowerShell would work if u have the skillset. #sqlhelp
  • @SqlrUs: @_dave705 Depends. SSIS would be my first choice. Might be best to post a question on a forum & provide a link here. #sqlhelp
  • @RumblingDBA: Has anyone seen Logbuffer wait on SSD's? Can anything be done regarding it? I did not expect that wait on SSD #SQLHelp
  • @_dave705: Could you advise what is the best way to handle/automate multiple file imports into db?#sqlhelp
  • @sqL_handLe: @SQLStephenHorne #sqlhelp I vote its trouble. Due to 200 range limit of #SQLServer histograms, seems like orphaned dim rows=plan liability.
  • @SQLHA: @jrb2971 The health checks are part of the WSFC mechanism that are SQL specific in this case. So linked but not ... #sqlhelp
  • @SQLHA: @jrb2971 AGs respect votes since it is built into the cluster, but AGs don't really affect quorum mechanism. That's pure WSFC. #sqlhelp
  • @SQLHA: @jrb2971 It depends on many factors, not the least of which is OS version, etc. #sqlhelp

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