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Published on: September 4, 2012

Wow, I can’t believe it is already September of 2012.  Labor day has come and gone, school is in session and the SQL Community is still busy.  With that, I am trying to be a bit busier within the community.

September is already bringing us some good things.  Just this morning I read some excellent news from the people at SQLSkills.  They have teamed with Pluralsight to bring even more SQL Server goodness to the community.  Paul, Kimberly and crew are providing tons of video training materials through Pluralsight.  You can get all the skinny from their announcement on the matter.  This is an opportunity you probably should not pass on.

Next up is a little thing called SQL Saturday.  The one in particular that I am talking about is happening in Rhode Island.  September 15 is the date and all day is the time.  This is the 156th installment of this free training event.  I have two sessions that I will be presenting.  One is on Table Compression and the other is on SSRS for us mere mortal DBAs.  You can discover a bit more information about that from the SQL Saturday site, here.

As a part of that SQL Saturday there are a bunch of presentations that I hope to get to.  Unfortunately, many are at the same time so seeing them all will be a bit of a problem.  I am looking forward to at least chatting with a few other presenters (like Jeff Moden, Grant Fritchey (Twitter), Wayne Sheffield (Twitter), Jack Corbett (Twitter), Mike Walsh (Twitter), Aaron Bertrand (Twitter), Andy Roberts and Mike Corey (Twitter)) while there.  Yes, it looks to be a very good cast coming up on September 15th.  With such high class presenters as Grant, Aaron and Wayne presenting at the same time as me in the afternoon though, I will probably have an opportunity to catch a session then though 😉 .

Also coming up this month is a special SSIS workshop in Las Vegas by Brian Knight and company.  While he is in town, he will be presenting to the Las Vegas User Group called “SQL Server Society of Las Vegas.”  The date on that is September 18th.  Details can be found in meetup, here.

Those events pretty much cover the month of September from coast to coast and practically worldwide (at least virtually).  Check them out.  I hope to see you at the minimum at one of these events.

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