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Published on: January 9, 2012

We are now just a few days away from our first meeting of 2012.  We have some good content lined up.  Check it out here.

I am looking forward to the presentation on XML and would really love to be able to bring Josh back to finish out the series.  Let’s show him a lot of support as he has put a lot of effort into making this presentation series.  I know because I have been hounding him about it.

In other news, we have received the PASS 2011 Summit DVDs.  There is a lot of cool content.  We plan on making these DVDs available to the group shortly.  These DVDs contain all of the main conference sessions.  They will prove to be an invaluable resource (much like every other year).

We have also talked in the past of getting a newsletter together.  As an interim step, we created the S3OLV Journal paper.li newsletter.  We are getting closer to having a mechanism in place to send out newsletters to the group.  Stay tuned – this should be happening in the near future.

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