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Published on: August 22, 2011

SQL Saturday 94 in Salt Lake City is fast approaching.  Will you be there?  I submitted three sessions in hopes of maybe getting one selected.  Last year, I only submitted one at the inaugural SLC SQLSaturday.  I even blogged about my experiences with that one (here and here).

The next time I presented for SQLSaturday was for Johannesburg a few months ago (their inaugural event too).  And, true to form, I blogged about that (here and here).

Each of those experiences, I gave the same presentation.  This year, for SLC, I added two presentation submissions about Reporting Services and about Table Compression.  Neither of those was selected.  The Documentation presentation was selected again.  I had hoped to get to present one of the other two.  That is all well and good though.

Since the last time I presented, I learned more.  I have refined some of the queries a bit.  I have also refined the topic a bit.  It should go much better this time.  Are you coming to SQL Saturday 94?  I hope to see you there!!  If you come, you will be faced with a great dilemma.  Which outstanding content will you witness and attend in order to learn?

And if you don’t come for the learning, then come for the networking.  If not for the networking, then come to at least check out the sponsors (like SQL Solutions Group or myself – yup I am a sponsor this year).

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  • @SQLSoldier: @mvelic Yes, but then I pointed out that they were using nolock and SSIS isn't. The matching records were not committed. #sqlhelp #TrueStory
  • @mvelic: It's just maddening because this lookup has *always* worked in the past. It's just now deciding to not recognize matches. #sqlhelp
  • @mvelic: Has anyone just seen an SSIS Lookup fail to make matches? You know the matches exist, but it doesn't connect them and it fails? #sqlhelp
  • @banerjeeamit: @MattPgh No. Current processing report is not visible. This is visible in RunningJobs table but not the stats breakdown. #sqlhelp
  • @forhakim: #sqlhelp in Visual Studio SSDT is there a way to make it NOT show table designer, only the script, when I edit a table?
  • @MattPgh: @banerjeeamit Will the current report show up in ExecutionLog? whatever processing is happening did not finish yet. #sqlhelp
  • @banerjeeamit: @MattPgh Look at the time processing and rendering in the logging table: http://t.co/1n2ZX5Ywwi #sqlhelp
  • @banerjeeamit: @MattPgh Also, CPU time can be consumed due to rpt processing. This is available thru the ExecutionLogStorage table #sqlhelp
  • @banerjeeamit: @MattPgh Using XEvents or profiler u can see which stmt r CPU intensive? This wud gv u the cpu time consumed by the DB queries. #sqlhelp
  • @MattPgh: Is there a way to tell exactly what SSRS service is doing when it has CPU pegged to 100%? like a "what running" query in sql. #sqlhelp

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