February 2010 S3OLV Recap

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Published on: February 22, 2011

For the month of February, I conducted the S3OLV meeting virtually from the confines of home in Utah.  As you may know, I have moved from Vegas back to Utah.  Despite having moved away from Vegas, I am still helping with the User Group in any way that I can.  As long as we can continue to do these meetings virtually and Live, then all works well with that effort.

In February, on last minute request and notice, Randy Knight (Blog | Twitter) volunteered to present to the group.  Randy has given this presentation a few times at various SQL Sat Events and there seems to be good interest in the topic.  Randy is trying to educate us in some of the nuances and differences in  lingo between two main DBMSs (Oracle and SQL Server).  He did a great job of it too.  We had some in attendance with a preference for Oracle as well as those who preferred SQL Server.  It seemed to go over well – with both groups.

We had a decent showing in light of the lateness of the notifications and invites.  I am pleased with the turnout, understanding that I failed to get the word out sooner.  I am still working on that.

The meeting was recorded and is available for review.  Randy included a slide in his presentation referring attendees back to speakerrate.com to rate his performance – please do that if you watch the video.  It is extremely helpful to the presenters.  If you would like to view the presentation recording, you can do so here.  The recording will be available until Feb 10, 2011.

As for upcoming news, we have a speaker on tap for March.  It is another MVP (the third to present to S3OLV, over the past year, that is not a local).  People should get quite a bit out of the presentation that he will be doing.  I will get the invites and news on that event out shortly.

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