S3OLV April Meeting Recap

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Published on: April 9, 2010

We held our meeting last night and had a good time.  Thanks to those that were able to make it out.  Comments made after the meeting were favorable.  People enjoyed the meeting, there was a lot of discussion, and some good information disseminated.  Oh, and we had PIZZA too.

Our first presentation was a product review of a RedGate tool.  RedGate was kind enough to provide the software and information so Kerry could demo it for us.  The tool is called SQL Source Control.  RedGate has integrated SVN with their product line to be able to use a source control for SQL Server.  This tool will also integrate nicely with SQL Compare (allowing you to compare from Source to a Database – very handy).  The tool is pretty easy to use and will probably gain some popularity in the coming months.  I don’t see it on RedGates product page currently though.

The second presentation was by Stacia Misner.  She gave us an informal presentation on some of the new BI features in R2.  It looks to be more productive and will be good for the BI arena.

Thanks to all who helped pull the meeting together last night (RedGate, presenters, attendees).

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