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Published on: April 7, 2010

Have you ever done anything that made you feel like a dunderhead?  Maybe a little bone-headed, thick, numb-skullish?

Here is my grin and bear it oops post about a recent post I wrote.  I somehow believed that 6 April 2010 was the second tuesday of the month.  I wasn’t paying attention to the dates, otherwise I would have caught it.  Since I thought it was the second tuesday of the month I got in a hurry to put out my T-SQL Tuesday Submission or the syndicated form of it at SSC.  This is a part of the meme started by Adam Machanic and being hosted this month by Aaron Nelson.

I enjoy participating in this meme.  I learn something new each month revolving around the topic presented each month.  I think some pretty cool stuff is demonstrated and it helps me to learn.

The end result is I was a bit early this month since the real date for submission is not until 13 April 2010.  I had the option of removing my post and delaying the publication until next week.  I felt I had better take my lumps rather than republish the same thing in a week.  Especially after enough people had already read the article.

Sorry for any confusion this mistake may have caused people that read the article.  The content is still good, but just don’t think of it as a TSQL Tuesday submission.

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